Official Press Release for the Elves of Uteria

The Elves of Uteria

Lone Wanderer Entertainment, in association with Aradani Studios, Inc, announces the launch of the Kickstarter for the book, The Elves of Uteria.

Written by Michael Bielaczyc and Dane Clark Collins, the Elves of Uteria is a sourcebook featuring a new look at elven cultures, based in the original World of Uteria.

Artists in the book include: Adam Baker, Michael Bielaczyc, Paul Bielaczyc, Larry Elmore, Sarah Frary, Melissa Gay, and Aaron B Miller

What is in the book?

The Elves of Uteria is a story heavy source book featuring an original re-imagining of fantasy elves. The book will be at least 100 pages with plenty of art, fiction and gaming material.

The Elves of Uteria is told through the eyes of Jarin Plainswalker, as Druid from the Western Council who was tasked with re-establishing contact with the elves of the world. The five different cultures of the elves are explored, as well as the elflings, who are the fey cousins of the elves.

Jarin keeps records of the places he goes, so the book will include maps of Uteria, the towns and pathways he uses, and the creatures he encounters.

The Kickstarter

You can help fund the kickstarter today, please visit:

About the World of Uteria

The world of Uteria has lived in darkness for years beyond count. It has been ravaged by plagues for hundreds of years. An ancient war ravaged the land with dark magics.For a long time, the humans have trudged along, afraid of the myths and legends left over from the past.

The old kingdoms have crumbled, leaving behind city states and large tracks of unclaimed lands. In the East the land is harsh and twisted, the remnants of the dark sorcery that had been used in the Aradan War have left the lands almost uninhabitable, save for small pockets of civilization. In the west, in the wake of the plagues, people had become isolated and exclusive. Fear has driven people to be wary of anyone or anything new. Their superstitions have lead to witch hunts and lynching of those believed to use magic. People have become so downtrodden that even their belief in higher powers has fallen to little more than lip service.

But all of that has begun to change in the last 20 years. Children are showing the ability to use magic. Real magic. The elves have started to come out of their forests and having limited interactions with others. The dwarves have begun to trade again, traveling the roads plying their mechanical and trade works. And whispers of dark powers, heroes, and a new dawn have begun to creep into this rain soaked and gray world.

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